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Jobs In Sri Lanka

Jobs In Sri Lanka – Work Your Way To A Better Life

Jobs in Sri Lanka are abundant and are in high demand. The private sector is growing faster than the government jobs. Due to the economic crisis that hit the whole world, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for skilled professionals. This has led to increase in the number of job vacancies available in the private sector. Even in the government jobs, the numbers are also on an increase but at a much slower rate.

The government is concentrating its efforts on providing employment to the people who have lost their jobs in the recent past. To achieve this, the government is recruiting many qualified professionals from the private sector. It is also trying to create various online portals where the candidates from the private sector can showcase their talent and ability. Though the government has reserved a considerable number of posts for government jobs, the private sector is making rapid progress and getting many government posts.

The private sector offers very attractive options in jobs in Sri Lanka. Some of the most sought after jobs are telecommunication engineers, telematics engineers, project managers, health care administration professionals and many other highly skilled professionals. These jobs are available at both the national and the international level. A job as a telecommunication engineer in the national level can give you ample opportunities to learn more about the latest technology used in telecommunication. You can also opt for a job as a project manager where you would be handling projects from projects management point of view.

Telematics engineers are required to work on mobile towers. As the demand for towers is also increasing, the wages offered to these employees is also rising. Besides this, you can also choose to work as a health care administration expert in private jobs in Sri Lanka. In this field, you will have the opportunity to deal with matters such as drug manufacture and distribution, nutritional supplement manufacturing, food and nutrition regulation, and others.

You can also opt for jobs in Sri Lanka in the private sector, if you have prior experience. There are a number of companies from the government and private sector that recruit Sri Lankan citizens for jobs in the medical sector. If you are able to perform better in medical exams than other applicants then you can also opt for jobs in the medical sector. As the health sector is witnessing rapid growth, more jobs are expected to be added in the near future.

If you are looking for jobs in Sri Lanka then you can contact any of the recruitment agencies that are operating in the country. These agencies recruit staff for various government jobs and also provide job seeker assistance and advice. They also arrange for internship programs in various countries and assist their clients to find suitable government jobs in Sri Lanka. Thus, if you are a government worker who wishes to change career or are just starting out then you can opt for government jobs in Sri Lanka that come with good remuneration package.


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