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We are in pre-launch mode, we will be launching this site very soon. We wish to invite you to setup your business online with a unique business name and start offering your Tasks & Services.

Once this is done we are able to offer your services to the global Marketplace.

Limited time to setup: Business Names are on a first come first serve basis. So get down to business immediately, signup/register your account and start setting-up your business, now!

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PS: Sinhala & Tamil language support will be available soon!

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News & Stories

  • hellojobs

    HELLOJOBS.LK creates space for new opportunities!

    For the first time in South Asia, HELLOJOBS has created a space for global and local companies to communicate with Sri Lankan counterparts and fulfill their requirements. “We are targeting this space for unemployment youth, retired people a...

    July 16, 2016
  • Working online is a reality in Sri Lanka!

    Working online is a reality in Sri Lanka!

    What do you get when you mix unemployment, frugal consumers and Internet boredom? One possible answer is HELLOJOBS, a site that allows you to buy and sell tasks for $5 plus in Sri Lanka. Want to hire someone to design your business cards, t...

    July 16, 2016