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Director – University of Colombo

The following documents should accompany applications/nominations.
L Complete Curriculum Vitae (with supporting documents) of Applicant/Nominee including the date of birth (a certified copy of the Birth Certificate must be attached) and contact details.
A personal statement of vision for the development of the Institute.
A brief account of what the applicant/nominee proposes to achieve if appointed to the post of Director
A report highlighting accomplishments during his/her first period of the office, if the present incumbent Director is an applicant.
A letter of Consent from the nominee in case of a nomination.
A letter from the employer indicating whether the applicant/nominee could be released in the event of his/her appointment to the post, in case of an applicant/nominee serving in the Public Sector, Corporations, Statutory Bodies, and Higher Educational Institutions other than the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

Closing Date 2022-09-26


Sample CV Format ⇩



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