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Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

Assistant Director (Investment Promotion, Finance, Fire) – Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

Closing Date: 2019-08-02

U [E . I E . :
A Bachelor‘s Degree in Finance! Aeeounmney from a University rceognimd by the University Grams
Commission (UGC)

Higher National Diploma in Accountancy

lnlcrmediale level qualificalion oflhc inslilule nfChanere-d Accounlanls ofSri Lanka (IC ASL) / C ham-red
lnslitulc of Management Aceounlants (C IMA) lAssoeialion ofCenified C hanered Aeeountanls (ACCA)


Minimum of!l1rw(03) years post qualifying experience in the relevant field in a Govemmenl Depanmcm/
Corporation/Board or in a reputed Mam-mile Esmhlishmem.


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