Given the rate at which the population is rising, it is difficult to supply everyone with a pleasant and well-paying employment. There are so many people and so few vacancies! Many are obliged to take up a position they don’t enjoy (for the sake of a high compensation package) while a few others have a job of their interest but receive a salary that’s hardly enough to carry them through to the end of the month. That’s why many start looking for chances, abroad.

Sri Lanka, the island country in South Asia has a stable economic system and gives ample chances to natives and outsiders alike. If you are a citizen of Sri Lanka, hunting for top jobs in Sri Lanka might not be much of a headache because you are familiar with the country and its economic structure. Besides, being a natural citizen gives you to certain benefits.

Whether you are local or foreigner looking for job vacancies in Sri Lanka, this article could be a beneficial resource to you. Given are tips to start your search.

Register with a Recruiting Agency

Registering with a placement agency might be of tremendous help especially if you are a foreigner. You can engage with an agency registered in your nation and offering recruitment services in Sri Lanka or you can enlist with an agency based and operating in the island state. Like there is the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency or SLFEA(a government-owned employment agency managed by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare) to help Sri Lankan citizens get jobs overseas, there are public and private-owned placement agencies to help people from Asian and European Countries get jobs in Sri Lanka.

There are recruitment sites and job boards too that specialized in providing jobs in Sri Lanka only. They provide vacant employment in numerous industries including education, manufacturing, construction, and finance. LankaTopJobs, Topjobs, JobsJobs are a few to name.

Getting A Transfer

Instead of going out for a new job you can get a transfer inside the same firm. There are various international firms in Sri Lanka such as Unilever, Nestle, British American Tobacco, IBM, Standard Chartered, Sony, Nokia, and Microsoft. etc. If you are already working with any of the global firms, you can seek simply request a position in their Sri Lankan headquarters.

On Arrival or before Arrival

This is typically a question posed by individuals looking for work in Sri Lanka. You should choose a few companies, in the public and private sector before arrival as it will help you get started once you arrive. On arriving, you can continue seeking for work maybe by looking at newspaper classifieds or referrals by friends. There are newspapers in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Jobs to Match your Skills

It is best to look for employment that fit your ability and credentials since you have the possibility to receive a better position and income package, if you have experience. However, you can also attempt something new in the same department maybe.

Work Permits and other Regulations

If you’re a citizen of another nation, you will have to obtain a work permit to start working; you cannot work on a tourist visa in Sri Lanka. You can nonetheless enter the country on a 30-day renewable tourist visa and then apply for a work permit at the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration. Submit your application and other necessary documents required to apply for a work permit to the department. It can take anywhere between 2 days to 15 days to secure a visa.

Pay Scales

The average wage is good but not high enough to match the salary one can get in the US or UK considering Sri Lanka is a developing country. International organizations give better salary. Also, there are some occupations and fields such as administration and teaching that pay greater than the rest.

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