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Top 7 Sri Lankan Newspapers for Job Seekers

There are so many Sinhala and English Sri Lankan Newspaper advertising job openings of different companies. Most of Sri Lankan use to fined a job by viewing the news papers and by reference those news papers jobseekers can receive crucial information’s and below are some of the major newspapers which advertise job opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Newspaper in Sinhala Language for Job Seeker

1.Irida Lankadeepa

Irida Lankadeepa is one of the most prominent Sinhala weekend newspaper which acquired number of ordinary work chances. There is a separate area for the job opportunities under this news paper. Most of the job chances are non managerial postings and there are few managerial post advertisements were also advertising in this newspaper. There are numerous of skilled based career opportunities available on this news paper.

2. Divaiyna

Divaiyna Irida is another another renowned Sinhala weekend newspaper which advertise job opportunities like irida Lankadeepa. But contrasted with Irida Lankadeepa, this new paper promises little job prospects. There is distinct area for this job postings on this news daily also.

3. Silulmina

Silumina is another popular weekend Sinhala newspaper from Lakehouse publishing. There is a separate section for job vacancies on this news paper likewise and most of vacancies are nonexecutive skills-based positions.

Sri Lankan Newspaper in English Language for Job Seeker

4. Sunday Observer

Sunday Observer is also an English newspaper which associate with Sri Lanka government and this paper has got various separate part of job postings. Most of managerial and executive job vacancies were advertise on this news paper and Sunday observer is more popular for Job vacancy advertisements in Sri Lanka. You can see the advertising published on this newspaper on “Sunday observer employment “website also.

5. Sunday Times


Sunday Times is one of the most popular English weekend newspaper in Sri Lanka which is also have dedicated section for job vacancies. Most of job vacancies promote in this news paper falls in to Management and executive level employment. There is another different section called Hit Ads and there are thousands of job possibilities accessible on this news paper likewise. You can see the advertising published on this news paper on www.hitad.lk website likewise.

6. Daily News

Daily News newspaper is immensely popular for Government sector executive and non executive level job opportunities. Most of Government owned institutes promote their employment vacancies over this daily paper. Daily News newspaper is weekly newspaper which publishes every weekday.

Irida Lankadeepa ,Divaiyna and Silulmina are the most prominent Sinhala Newspaper for Job vacancies and majority of the job vacancies were published on these Sri Lankan newspapers were skilled-based employment. Sunday Observer, Sunday Times and Daily News are three English Newspapers in Sri Lanka which is extremely popular for job vacancies and majority of the job postings were management and executive level posts.

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