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Private Jobs Vs Government Jobs

Government and Private work has always been a difficulty for fresher job hunters; especially for those who don’t know what they desire in their lives. Once you are sure what your tastes are it would be easy to choose.

Generally individuals desire all the luxuries in their life but for all of them it’s not possible therefore you have to compromise according your preferences. For example the benefits of government jobs are security, flexibility, post retirement benefits, comfortable working hours, relax environment, while one can point out some disadvantages also like slow growth, minimum career opportunity, comparatively lesser salary package, transfers, and lesser challenges. Similarly one may observe advantages of private jobs in India like greater income packages, lesser transfers, performance base promotions, new challenges, etc. Along with these benefits, there are some problems too in private jobs e.g. inferior security, hectic work schedule, increased work pressure, general managers are authoritarian, etc.

Accordingly one can choose their choice. If you desire challenges in life (JOB), better salary packages, and quick advancements undoubtedly a private job is your choice but at the same point of time you have to compromise your work schedule, job security (if you are not skilled enough), mental serenity, etc. Similarly Govt. Jobs can give you the things, which private don’t but the reward you get is the security, stability and flexibility of job.

The sixth pay commission has provided an additional benefit to the government jobs. The fresher are looking for government jobs in India and the recently passed recession and job cuts has given a boost to this trend. Some government companies also are changing their policies for promotions like some public sector banks has introduced fast track promotions and similar kind of stuff which is increasing the enthusiasm of youth towards public sector jobs.


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