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Interview Help For Chef Jobs From Personal Chef to Commis Chef

Ninety percent of persons who opt for culinary employment do so without appropriate preparation.
Be one of the 10 percent who does prepare thoroughly and give yourself a tremendous advantage over the others.
When someone attends an interview, they are being judged not only on their skills and experience but also on how they present themselves and the impact produced on the interviewer.

It is true that persons who are less experienced but well prepared would have a considerably higher chance of winning the job.

Useful Tips on Preparation for Chef Jobs
Get as much information as possible about the Company that you are visiting.
Prepare as many questions as possible about the Company, the role, etc.
Put together a personal presenter
A copy of your current cv
Industry & education certificates
Mentions in despatches
Internal or external letters of commendation
Other honors
Performance league tables
Commission tables
Copy payslips or P60s
Other validation of earnings
Internal magazine articles referencing you.
Appraisal or review reports
And any additional paperwork which displays you in a good light and as an achiever in life!
Think about questions you are likely to be asked and prepare thoughtful responses.
Make sure you know exactly where the interview is and how to get there. Leave plenty of time.
Review your Strengths & Weaknesses.
Convert your abilities into advantages to the organization – people buy benefits!
Think about how you regulate your weaknesses? What have you done to overcome any flaws and strengthen your skills?
Use all your skills as a Salesperson to sell the product … YOURSELF!


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