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How to Quit Your Job Today and Retire 2022

Quitting your career does not have to be a dream. Many people would love to walk away from their professions if they knew that they could support themselves.

How would you like to have the confidence and knowledge to know that you can make significant sums of money wherever you live?

This is all feasible by using real estate, not buying homes, but by purchasing tax liens.

The principle of tax liens is straightforward. A homeowner is late paying his property taxes, and a lien is issued on his home. The owner then has a certain length of time to pay down the taxes as stipulated by local rules. If the taxes are not paid during this time, an investor can pay off the obligation—the homeowner then has to pay the investor.

Two things can happen once the investor pays the lien.

1. The homeowner will pay you the money owed with interest or

2. The homeowner defaults, and you then get the home to sell or rent.

This arrangement is a win-win situation for you. You will either get your money with interest or get a home.

The most excellent aspect of this circumstance is that these liens are often less than $2,000, and the home’s worth is generally over $100,000.

Purchasing the house is the better deal, and if you can buy numerous liens, you improve your chances of a default and acquiring the house for under $2,000. You can have the confidence to quit your work and earn rich.


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