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Finding a Government Job

Finding a Government Job Hellojobs

The United States government employs tens of thousands of employees per year. Government positions also have stability, excellent wages, and generous pensions. (Of note, many jurisdictions are now cash-strapped, in part due to unpaid government benefits, so these pension schemes will not be as attractive in the future.) Many government positions are also satisfying because they encourage you to represent the public and contribute to the betterment of our community. If you think you may like to work for Uncle Sam, here are some pointers to help you get started.

When searching for a government career, start by conducting a comprehensive web search. If you know which agency you want to work with, go to their website to see if they have any job vacancies. For example, since the CIA and FBI do not often advertise on other blogs, the only place to find work with them is to go to their specific websites. If you’ve ever wanted to work in another country, look into government contracts; there are plenty of them open, particularly in areas where the US is dedicated to assisting the local people, such as Iraq.

Certain individuals get a leg up on the competition when it comes to securing a government position. Military veterans also discover that unique government positions have been created only for them. People with disabilities may also have unique job benefits with the federal government. And someone who has completed a year or two of service with a federal volunteer organization, such as AmeriCorps VISTA, would be given preference for a federal job over anyone who is similarly eligible. AmeriCorps is frequently a good choice for anyone who has just graduated from college. It provides you with a consistent, although limited, weekly paycheck, accommodation (in many instances, at least), a career that can help you develop your talents and strengthen your resume, and, following satisfactory completion of the program, a benefit in a government job hunt. Try applying for an internship with a government department whether you’re either in college or have recently graduated. If you do well, you may be considered for a full-time role in the future.

Few federal departments, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, have booths at work fairs where they receive resumes and hold job interviews. Working with a private temp service that transfers employees to government offices is another way to boost the odds of having a government position. If you please your bosses when working as a temp at one of these government positions, they can take you seriously when you send your resume.

Having a career in the government is similar to getting a job in the private sector in several respects. Apply for as many jobs as you’re eligible for, brush up on your simple resume-writing and interviewing abilities, and stay consistent, and you’ll have a decent chance of landing a perfect career.


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