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A Look Into Head Chef Jobs

So what are the obligations and duties of a lead chef? Mind you, but cooking isn’t the main responsibility of a head chef. He is the overall manager and supervisor of the complete kitchen. He is responsible for running the kitchen and directing the employees under him. That’s why assistant chefs and even dishwashers report to him.

As far as cooking is concerned, the chief chef is the one who selects what to include on the menu, what specials to create for the day, and determines how much each dish should be. Aside from them, he also performs a regular inventory of kitchen equipment and ingredients needed for cooking.

Getting into head chef roles isn’t simple. Like other professions, it requires certain requirements every job seeker must comply with. On top of the list is a degree in culinary arts or the similar. For non-degree holders, taking advanced courses in cooking will do. Other companies favor people who hold a certification as well. However, schooling alone won’t do since you also have to possess the necessary talents needed for head chef jobs. One of these abilities deals with public relations or social skills. Your job needs you to operate with a team of individuals; thus, you better know how to get along well with others. Being the head chef also demands you to advertise the restaurant, know what the customers want, and work harmoniously with your suppliers.

There are several work chances for folks who are after lead chef positions. You might apply as head chef in a restaurant, hotel, spa, resort, or cruise line in the hospitality industry. Others who are experienced in coming up with healthy dishes might operate in the health care field by working for hand inside with a dietitian or personal trainer. Meanwhile, if you’ve already obtained experience and know gourmet cooking, you may even explore working as a private chef for a wealthy family or company.

Aside from working locally, you might locate lead chef positions in other nations. Many worldwide hotels and cruise ships seek head chefs for their kitchens and restaurants. This work is great for individuals who want to earn more and at the same time enjoy traveling to other areas.

After graduating from culinary school, one can’t readily find a high-paid position as a lead chef. Others who are more experienced are the ones who are paid higher. Entry-level roles pay as low as $25,000 a year but will gradually improve dependent on one’s success. Meanwhile, head chefs who are lucky enough to be employed by big companies or individuals might earn as much as $200,000 annually.

Head chef roles are quite demanding. They’re not like your typical office work. Once you choose a career as a head chef, prepare yourself to make some major sacrifices to stay up with the demand of your job.


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