online jobs Sri Lanka
online jobs Sri Lanka

The Internet can really be the great job resource for online job seekers. But if you’re looking for work online, you’ve learned the art of making the most of your efforts. If you’re looking for jobs online, consider the following tips.

1. Build it to see your jobs coming. Instead of just putting a resume online, try taking it a few steps forward by making it easy to navigate. You should keep these things in mind when working with online websites and portfolios where most recruiters can view your work, peruse your objectives, or get your contact information.

2. Check if you have unknowingly gone bankrupt. Google yourself! This way you can easily see what things are coming your way. You’ll also learn what potential employers see when they Google your name. face it! If you’re not satisfied with what you see, take mitigating action.

3. Narrow down your options. Many of the modern job boards offer filters that help users refine search results faster and more seamlessly. So it might be helpful if you give them ways to narrow down their online job search by region, industry, or duration. You’ll be surprised how far you can limit your use of keywords, company name, required experience, or salary. That’s what online jobs are like these days.

4. Try to go straight to the source. Instead of simply applying for a specific advertised position, a great strategy would be to find jobs to find out exactly where you feel comfortable. You should go to the company and/or industry of your choice. After that, you should also contact your hiring manager. Additionally, many employers have career pages that formally invite visitors to complete helpful candidate profiles. Here candidates can describe their background, jobs/positions of interest, expected salary, and other types of preferences.

5. You can find your niche along with the industry websites of your choice. You can further refine your search by visiting national and regional websites. So you can make better use of online jobs. These are the places where you can find jobs in your niche that may not appear on these national job boards. More and more employers are posting interesting jobs on such websites in hopes of getting a larger pool of capable applicants.

6. Consider trying online recruiters. Recruiters today are ready to help you find jobs that match your skills or needs. It is true that some people get confused about where exactly to start. Websites like or can provide you with links to different types of online headhunters geared toward job seekers.

7. To get the most out of online jobs, you may want to consider using video resumes. It is just an idea and it is totally up to you if you want to use this idea to stand out from the crowd.

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